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The Loft Bed Company stands for making affordable, high quality loft beds for your college student or home. The loft bed is an economically friendly way to create more useful space in our crowded lives. The Loft Bed Company will provide the perfect solution to the ever-growing problem of cramped dorms and apartments.
Adam Freeman

Starting at $499

The Loft Bed Company is here for you. We build the best custom loft beds on the market today. There are three key reasons why our product out-performs the competition

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    Full Size Loft

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    Desk and Book Shelf

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    Queen Size Loft

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    XL Twin Poplar Loft

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    Front Ladder Loft


The Loft Bed Company

The wood that we use to build the loft beds is only the finest solid hardwood. No other loft bed company offers hardwood in their construction. The hardwoods that we offer in our twin, XL Twin, Full, and Queen sized lofts are Poplar, Red Oak, and White Oak. When these hardwoods are used in building applications, like a custom loft bed, they will always be stiffer and stronger than any softwood will be in the same application.
The prices that we offer for all sizes are the most INEXPENSIVE solid wood loft beds on the market. You will not be able to find a better deal on a loft bed.
Our loft beds have been designed by structural engineers that have worked with the input of a master wood worker. Other companies may have good loft bed designs that have been tested and have been proven worthy, but ours surpass their structural integrity by design alone. Because our custom loft beds are made of hardwoods, the beds will be significantly stronger than the competition's. We strive for excellence in craftsmanship and value attention to detail.
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